Daniel Chipley

Everything can change in an instant.

You've an Ivy League degree, a Princeton professorship, a boyfriend who loves you.

He kisses you in front of the wrong people.

A group of young men who the judge will later call "high spirited" attacks you.

Just shoving, spitting, names, mostly.

Somebody shoves you, and your head hits the brick path beneath your feet.

When you awaken again, everything is gone. An entire decade, wiped out

You're a Mississippi farm boy again.Your pension is there, but not the boyfriend. Not your colleagues.

Nobody can bear to see you this way.

So you pack up the Volvo with your father's old toolbox and wander around, half a man. Do odd jobs here and there.

Spout Chaucer at random moments.

It's not much of a life, but it's pretty much all you remember.

Most of the time.