DancesWithMice comes from northeastern North America, born to small woodlands band related to the Cree nation. When he was just 5 years old a sickness spread through his village, confining most of the people to their beds for days. He was one of the few members of the tribe that the sickness passed over and while the older ones tried to keep everyone fed and warm he helped the Medicine Man administer to the ill. The Medicine Man was impressed with how quickly he learned. He need only be told once how to do something, or what herb to use for what, and it was committed to memory. When the sickness had passed, taking a few of the elders and children with it, the Medicine Man went to his parents and told them he wanted to take DancesWithMice on as an apprentice. They readily agreed as this would bring great honour to their whole family.

For the next 10 years they worked together and DancesWithMice learned the knowledge and secrets of the Spirit Doctor. When he was 15 he took a wife, a niece of the chief. They were happy together despite it being an arranged marriage and they had a son and daughter within 3 years. Life was good until around the age of 20 when a disease of the whites swept through their village taking all of the children and elders including the old Medicine Man. Even many of the younger men and women were claimed by this deadly illness and DancewithMice was left on his own to try and save those he could. He succeeded in only a few cases. Most were lost including his wife and children

Some of the few survivors left to join relatives in other tribes but DancesWithMice had no one. All his family was gone. At first he tried staying with one of the other tribes but even though they welcomed him the pain of his loss haunted him and the sight of happy family life around him only made it worse. Not knowing what to do he consulted with the Spirits. They showed him images of far off places and he believed they wished him to take a journey.

So one night DancesWithMice took his bow and travelling bags and walked out of the camp. He followed the trails, the stars, and the waterways aimlessly. From sea coast to forest to prairie to mountains DancesWith Mice wandered the continent. When he encountered another tribe he greeted them and most often was welcomed warmly. He would stay for a while, trading knowledge with the Medicine Man, but after a while his feet would get itchy again and he would set back on the trail.

He has been wandering now for ten years. North and south, east and west. He has met dozens of different tribes and lived for a time with many learning their stories and knowledge. He has even had some peaceful encounters with whites though most have not been friendly to him. Now he finds himself in a new town, what will he encounter here?