5ft 3in.......105lbs
28 yrs old.......size 32B
Smooth Shaven.......No Tattoos
Ears Pierced

Faith was born and raised in a small town on the coast of North Carolina. Her family was typical middle america; two cars, a dog and a cat, and a tv in almost every room. Life was good....and boring.
When she was 16 she fell in love....a football player and all around jock. She was talked into sucking her first cock. While pretending to hate it, the texture, the taste, and the act itself....she found she loved having her lips wrapped around the penis. And at graduation she remained a virgin while her mouth had gained a bit of a reputation in her small town.
Once away from home, at UNC, Faith started over, living the college life, drinking a little too much, and offering up an occasional blow job. During the summer before her senior year, she went to europe, met up with several friends she had made online, and was promptly collared, bound, beaten, and fucked. For a month, she had both a Master and a Mistress and was subjected to a wide variety of sexual uses, by all members of the 'family'.
Upon her return to the States, she was given assignments online, to carry out r/t for her Dom(me). This lasted until she graduated four years ago.
Since that time, she's been working and living in Atlanta, and her life had returned to complete normalcy....until the urge for excitement re-emerged inside her. Faith came to the Hood hoping to become a whore. she became one and quickly realized that it wasn't for her. she's left, not knowing where she will land, but knowing that wherever it is, a brighter future will belong to her.

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