Craig Rhodes

--- IC ---

He is a strappin' sonofabitch in his 30s, packed with muscle built up the hard way through the kind of heavy labor most folks don't want any part of these days. His hands are a mite coarse, and there is considerable scarrin' up and down his forearms mainly. They are mostly burn marks, although not all the marks he's carryin' are incendiary in origin, nor are they restricted to the forearms alone. You might find others most anywhere on him, though further and fewer between, for which he is from time to time grateful. His voice is silken and low, and he takes his own sweet time when he's the one doin' the talkin'.

He takes his own sweet time when he is doin' whatever he happens to be about, matter of fact. He does not rush easy, nor does he take particularly kindly to bein' rushed.

--- OOC ---

Regardless, his player apologizes with all deep sincerity to all y'all for the dissonance of accent. He knows full well the celebrity is Scots, but the voice he hears in his head for the man comes somewhere down Mi'ssippi way, and there just plain will not be any fixin' that.

The character is part of a couple stories already in progress, but do not let that stop you. The player is open to most anything, long as you give him the chance to decline if he must.

The player doesn't want the character maimed or incapacitated for very long, but is more than willin' to get into a brawl that leaves you and him both on the floor. The player is partial to both sex and violence.