.Craig was born on the family estate in Cornwall England ,as a boy he loved roaming the wilds of Bodmin moor .exploring ancient kistvanes burial mounds tin mines and startling the occasional Plover .After public boarding school he went on to Dartmouth Naval college. After graduating he started his naval Career on a Minesweeper ,later he became a Helicopter pilot and achieved command of a Hong Kong based Frigate where he completed his commission .He always had a keen interest in History and the antiquities .this lead him to join the long established London Auction house of Christies where he honed his knowledge of things ancient and oriental in particular. This lead to his taking up residence again in his much beloved Hong Kong as buyer of oriental art and antiques for Christies�s clients. Upon China taking control of the colony after the expiration of the lease he was recruited by Mi6 as a covert agent. This work lead to many exciting escapades in China Manchuria and Mongolia so exciting that last year he had to resign .He took a circuitous and leisurely route back to England stopping in the City for an intended short time .It was here by pure chance that fate ordained he meet the love of his life one Leeah Harrison .Their courtship was short but filled with passion and they got married in the shadow of Tintagel Castle King Arthur�s legendary seat on the edge of Bodmin moor. His life had come full circle. Their mutual love of antiques had led them to open an Antiques shop thus �Time and Chance � became their mutual love affair apart from their own. Craig and Leeah now live in a restored Victorian Mansion in the rural setting of the Cove Lake area. Unlike one of his predecessors in Her Majesty�s Service he doesn�t like Martini�s shaken or stirred but prefers a Pink Gin a vestige of his Naval career..

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