noun pl. coups de main (ko͞oˌ)
A sudden action undertaken to surprise an enemy.

Although this term is generally applied as a military term, that is not my intention with it's use.

coup de main - The literal translation from French means a stroke or blow of the hand. In French, coup de main can also mean "a helping hand" (informal language), or "know-how".

I find this phrase intriguing in many aspects. I think that the "enemy" in this case is myself, or aspects of myself ... the control freak, the tough girl, the defiant rebel. I also enjoy the idea of a quick and unexpected blow - it evokes lovely bdsm imagery for me. And, because this is a journey and I am relying heavily upon my partner and we are learning together the less formal french meanings of helping hand and know-how also seem to apply to me rather well.