The Night Creatures RPG

Name: Countess Elizabeth Bathory
Celebrity Claim: Eva Green
Race: Master Vampire (Moroven line)
Clan: Bathory
Diet: Blood & Fear
Clan Information

General Vampire Powers

Specific Powers to Elizabeth

*~Drain Power - A Master is capable of drawing all of the power from vampires that she has personally sired, reducing them to a weakened, near-skeletal state.
*~Early Riser - This ability lets a vampire able to get up while the sun is still out, move around indoors and in shadows. The sun still is able to kill vampires.
*~Flying/Levitation - A vampire with this ability can either fly and/or levitate, either by themselves or holding another person.

Moroven - Fear Line Powers

*~Induce Fear - Vampire with this power can induce fear either in a person or a group.
*~Bite of Terror - With the use of their fangs, a vampire can bring terror while biting.
*~Feed Fear - Vampires with this power has the ability to create and feed on the emotion of fear
*~Fear Illusion - A vampire with this power, can give themselves a terrifying appearance.
*~Phobia - A vampire with this power is able to give a target a phobia, to make the person ever so afraid. If the person already has a phobia, the vampire would use that phobia to bring terror to the surface
*~Gaze of Fear - With eye contact, a vampire can make a person be immobilized by fear.
*~Nightmares - While touching, a vampire with this power is able to bring horror stricken nightmares to their target.
*~Dark Tendrils - These extend from her body, often her fingertips, and can form thick lengths or ghostly tentacles. They can spike, and also taper at the tips.



*Anna Darvulia (Lover, friend, and witch who instructed her in the ways of witchcraft, at the same time encouraging her sadistic tendencies) Dead

*Thorko (A servant in her castle and witch of the dark arts) Assumed Killed by the Villagers

*Katarina (beauty consultant and witch). Assumed Killed by the Villagers

*Dorotta Szentes, "Dorka" (trusted helper & witch)Missing


Countess Elizabeth Bathory is the name you may hear from stories passed down through the generations. Horror stories shared at night with your friends, myths passed down from your grandfather that gave you nightmares... But what if these tales were true?

'She stalks the night and picks innocent men & women from their slumber to feed from their keep her forever youthful. Those found out at night will be easy prey for her and her kin. She bathes in their blood, drinks their life fluids and tosses their carcasses in the lake.'

These tales aren't as gruesome as the real truth of Countess Elizabeth. There were more twists, more gore and a lot more sexual torturous activities than anyone would ever know.. Unless you experienced it, but then you wouldn't live to tell the tale.

'Each batch of young men & women would be hung, alive and naked, upside-down by chains wrapped around their ankles. Their screams satiated her hunger, but she craved their life source. Their throats would be slit and all of their blood drained for Elizabeth's bath, to be taken while the heat of their young bodies still remained in the thickening and sticky crimson pool. Every now and then, a really handsome young man or women would be obtained. As a special treat to herself, Elizabeth would drink the their blood: at first from a golden flask, but later, as her taste for it increased, directly from the stream, as the writhing and whimpering body hung from the rafters, turning pale.'

To date:
Elizabeth's self made family of sadistic housemaids, witches and houseboys all felt the wrath of the village when captured for torturing and killing the daughter of one of the Nobel men of the town. She was placed in her fortress, bricked up in a room, given scrapings of food the guards allowed. She was ready to die until one night her cousin Vlad arrived and freed her from the torture of life. Gifting her with the eternal wake. He bit her and shared some of his own blood, waking her inner powers. Realising that she would never need to feed to keep her youthful look, she now needed to feed to keep her strength.
That very night she changed and broke free from her holding. Killing the guards, seeking the villagers who came for her loved ones and removed their heads. Leaving them on display in the middle of town as a sign that no one should ever come to her castle again. On her route back, she found the place her loved ones had been tortured before being burned alive. Bones and ashes were all that were left. She scraped them all up into her dress and carried them back to her castle. Placing them in urns and bowls and hiding them in the attic. Yet, one was missing. Anna's.

Elizabeth was now all alone. No one to guide her. No one to fetch for her. No one who loved her. She survived by feeding from the wildlife around her home and grounds until one day she just climbed into her bedded coffin and slept. Giving up hope of ever finding happiness again.

5 years she remained there. Held in a nightmare.
What would wake her?

Maybe the lure of the new darkness. Maybe Her hunger... for revenge.

When she woke, she wandered for years, seeking her family after hearing the villagers hadn't killed them, but sent them away as further torture to her. When finding the location of a few, she killed everyone who knew anything about them and rescued her family from the hell they were living in.

But the world had changed. Modern things surrounded her as did the modern people. But yet, it was darker than even she recalled. She returned back to her castle with her family, and life found some normality. She built them all back up to strength by feeding them from her blood, gifting them new powers. Life continued like this for centuries. Each gifted their youth from feeding from her blood.

Anna protected her with spells and potions, and together they aspired to rebuild, to keep gaining numbers, and continue their ways..

But one night, Anna was taken again. Word of her dark powers had spread through the villages. She was wanted for her magic to help turn the world black.

In a fury Elizabeth slayed the village, only leaving one man alive to run to the next village in search of Anna. When he didn't return Elizabeth demanded her family, new and old, return to their slumber to gain their strength while she travelled in search of Anna.

Her plans were short lived. She was preempted in her search, and captured by a coven of witches who used her as motivation to make Anna yield to their desires. Elizabeth watched her friend be used repeatedly for rituals, for her powers, for the blood fuelled youth in her veins, and eventually coiled on the floor in a lifeless pile. The damage had been done. The world was black. Nevermore will there be a rising sun. The coven rejoiced and claimed their new world.

Elizabeth remained there, a captive of dark magic, for five decades. Living on vermin that entered her holding. But even witches make mistakes, and as one entered her cell and mistakenly came too close, Elizabeth conjured the energy to use the spell Anna had taught her, and broke through her shackles. She used this witch to find her freedom...into the darkness. On making her eventual escape, Elizabeth headed home to wake her kin and to build new monsters. Her only focus now is to destroy the ones who killed her Anna. But to do that she needs an army. She needs magic and monsters who will fight for her cause.

All about me

Come to me, little mortal
I can bring you to heaven's portal
There'll be no sorrow, there'll be no pain
Feelings of joy will fill your brain
Come to me, sweet human thing
Give me your heart and I'll make it sing
Forget your fears, leave them behind
Forget the troubles of your kind
Come to me... yes, that's right
Now hold still, it's no good to fight
I'll take your blood, and leave you dying
Didn't you realise I could be lying?

My blood dripping eyes cried for you
My cold heart warmed for you
My pale skinned fingers reached for you
My inner being ached for you
But you just lay there.. still...
But you just lay there..
Blood stained tears.

~ Arrived in SOI: 2001 ~

Real info on CEB

The Blood Countess' staff was tortured for confessions and then buried alive, and Bathory herself was barricaded inside a small Hannibal Lecter-style prison room in a remote Slovakian castle with her only access to the outside world being little slits for air and food. Depressed that she wasn't able to torture anyone any more, Elizabeth Bathory got super pissed and died by starving herself to death (which you gotta admit is pretty hardcore). She was found dead almost exactly 397 years ago, on August 21, 1614, with her last words being a batshit-insane suicide letter describing the afore-mentioned army of heart-devouring kitties. The 54 year-old Blood Countess is believed to have killed somewhere between 600 and 1,000 people during her lifetime, making her the most prolific serial killer in the history of the world. Suck it, Ted Bundy!"

A dark haired beauty of tender years
Is touched by evil and kindles fears
A malignant force runs through her veins
A soulless shell as blood she rains
Fair servant girls she does enslave
Tortured and bleed in ways depraved

In her huge castle of broken mirrors,
Where screams are concealed in itís terror,
Her accursed desire stirs everyday.
As drinking blood lets her outstay.
Old skin renewed in the bloody baths.
The innocent saturated by her wrath.

Teeth rip and tear as flesh she devours
Many have died to engorge youthful powers
Buckets of blood ran across her floor
Like waves lapping against evilís shore
Wickedness built its roots in the air
Forsaken, by her deeds, was the snare,

To be forever the darkness bride,
No matter how hard she had tried
Hate blocked her way to forgiveness
Surrounded by bloody madness
When girls she picked from nobility
Authorities approached with hostility

But she slay all who she passed,
She made sure her reign was now to last.
Now she's the Master of her domain,
Beware the Countess as her darkness is insane.