Welcome to My homepage

I am Contessa Lucia a proud


impersonating a sophisticated Lady
that shares Her Shoe and Foot fetish with Me�

My Contessa Lucia character measures:
1.68m 59kg 86-74-84
hair dark blond; eyes greenish
shoe size 39 (EU = UK 6)
age 45
preferred colors are blue and black (dress, shoes)

The character I play:

Contessa Lucia

is half Dutch � half Italian and lives in Utrecht, Netherlands. She is a somewhat spoiled and rather lazy Lady of about 45 years, excellently built, especially Her beautiful Hands, Legs and Feet� She has from early age been indulging in power games to the detriment but also the joy of (sissy) males (and sub females) by binding them to Her. This She reaches by playing out Her magnetic attractiveness to those susceptible. As an instrument She uses the beauty of Her Feet and the power emanating from Her posture when reclining on a chaise longue or a chair whilst she extends Her Legs and Feet clad with the most luxurious and very feminine pumps. She has become an expert in manipulating subs to do exactly as she wishes by � you will see and experience� soft smile

She also gives crash courses to those who need appropriate training in the art and ways of Foot- and Shoe-service. She is occasionally hired to do this by Women superior to herself. She commands the trainees (m/f) for a certain period and then hands them over to the Superior Ladies. Her victims are at Her mercy for a period that she controls in part, for it is she who briefs the Ladies whether the servant or slave is ready for Her use�

More about Me:
I like to play out character plays involving D/s and S/m elements; taking a liking in subordination to My shod Feet, humiliation, teasing, cum-denial and orgasm spoiling, slow-fucking with dildo�s etc, (light) bondage, whipping, and of course implicit sex; preferably with females, with sissies, cd�s and effeminate males.

Dressing up and having the others dress up for Me as foreplay; usually the ones with whom I engage in play will have to kneel and kiss My Shoes and Feet� to worship Me prior to any other play�

Sometimes I just like to play with dildos that I insert into male ass while he serves My shoes, or a female mouth to teach her serve My CD Cock�

Other times I engage into pony play or teasing

My specialties are teasing, cum postponement and orgasm denial�

There are several here at SOI that I have taken a special liking to� they are sissy slut maid{sit} � denverman � meryl � and some O/others�

Concerning shoes: I do love the sight of beautiful feet in classic ladies� pumps� fine leather encasings that accentuate the softness and curve of (My) Feet. Hearing others admiring and worshipping the lowliest par of My body gives Me joy� See the pictures on this page; most of these have My Feet as the subject, taken by Me or a servant�


SERVE & ENJOY Contessa Lucia

She loves presents like (links to) pictures or videos related to the foot- and Shoe-fetish and domination theme...

(since some claimed to have been �mislead�)
I cearly state again:
I am Cross-dresser (or TV if you prefer);
I am rt male about 50 years; living in Europe;
1.75 m, 68 kg; lean person, short dark hair; brown eyes;
shoe size EU 41.5 - 42 UK 7.5 - 8;
very fond of having My feet in ladies (classic) pumps and heels, and of cross-dressing in general�