****I am currently working on my homepage so please be patient and don't mind the mess.****

Hello, my name is concha . Please do not call me girl, slut and so forth. I find most of those derogatory unless I know you and your intent/meaning behind them.

Yes, I am submissive. No, I am not a slave or one to simply be used for your pleasure or entertainment. I also do not sit meekly by to be seen and not heard. I do my best to be respectful to everyone. But it should be noted that I am not the type that will jump to my feet to serve, or instantly kneel at your feet just because your name is capped or you call yourself a Dominant/master and so forth. My submission must be earned. It is not freely given away.

I can be rather shy unless I feel I am in a safe environment. There are times that I like to simply sit and listen. One can learn many things this way.

I currently am not looking/searching for a Dominant but if the right one comes along, then hey, maybe. Though most "Dominants" find me difficult and that's okay, I understand. If one can't "handle" (for lack of a better word right now) me then they more than likely are not the Dominant for me.

I definitely am not looking for a master/daddy. Those relationships do not appeal to me.

What are my limits? There are a few beyond what I have already stated. However, the only ones that I feel are important on a general acquaintance level (meaning we're not in a relationship) is that I am not to be groped, idly touched or manhandled. I am not a toy.

I will not go private or spend my time having conversations in whispers. My experience has shown that these things are used as either a way to hide or because someone wishes to be with me but doesn't want to be seen with me. I will not hide and if you don't want to be seen with me then we aren't meant to be together.

There are exceptions of course and if I feel that a whisper is warranted in order to answer a question, I will respond in that manner but I still will not go to a private room. Thank you for understanding.

If you wish to know something, please ask. I will answer if I can. I do enjoy meeting new people and learning new things.