So, you want to know more about Cole ..

Beside roaming SOI in all kind of rooms, Cole helps at the #r-dollhous(Dollhouse),
a house in which some of the best girls of SOI serve the clients needs.

Cole rolls with the flow of the scene and interacts strongly with the posts of the girl He's with.

The girl?

Yes, Cole is hetero, so boys, thank you, but no thank you.

He's also adventurous and not monogamous (in SOI).

He doesn't like doormats or girls whom He has to tell what to do all the time.
He likes girls who know what they want and what is fun.

Cole's a 6'3 caucasian Male with brown hair and green eyes.
He's 200lbs, strong and fast. No sixpacks *grins* but not fat either.

There's only a few things Cole does NOT like.

A definitive NO are children *glares* and He doesn't fancy animals.

Whispers or mails are no problem.

Want to know more than that?

Find out...