Chevron Jackson

Name: Chevron Jackson
Nickname: CJ, Chevy, Jax, Rook
Age: 27
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan
Birth Date: October 30th
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 175lbs
Build: Lean
Personality: Casual Thug
Previous Occupation: Con Man
Current Occupation: Owner of the Random Chance Salvage Yard
Family: Thelma and Curtis Jackson, both deceased
Celebrity Claim: Nasir Jones aka Nas

You've probably read all of this before, how I was born at a gas station and my parents thought it cool to name me after the place. Fun times for them, ass kicking and kicking ass in school for me. I won't bore you with any of that shit, what is past is past and I hold no ill will towards my parents for the name. It has come in handy at times as well, so it works out well in the end.

15 years after that fateful day, a few things happened to yours truly. I lost both parents to an accident, they went south visiting relatives and slid off the road after hitting some black ice. By that time I was pretty much on my own anyway, so now it was official. Do I miss them? I do.....but there isn't anything I can do to bring them back.

By the time I turned 18, I'd been in and out of juvenile centers more times than I'd care to admit. Once I was caught as an adult, the law sent me to do some hard time in a Indiana prison. No joy, but I met up with a dude that became my boy in the joint. His sister saw him on occasion and therefore saw me on occasion as well, so it was all good. He knew I had thoughts about his little sis, and by the time I did my time, five years later, he let me know if it was to be with me and Faith he was cool with it. I attended his funeral, along with Faith, but we were the only family there.

I didn't stick around Indy though, nor did I go back to Detroit. I had to leave the Midwest, there were just too many problems there. I had a crew that I rolled with, they stayed out of trouble with my help, so when I got out they were waiting. We packed up, went south to Georgia. There was the right kind of heat down there, just not as much in way of the law enforcing kind. Three more years went by and life was good down there, but it wasn't all rosy. My partner in the joint up north passed away and his sis had a run in with her jacked up father, so I invited her to come down where me and my crew were. Faith and I hit it off very well, so much so that I bought a trailer and shacked up with her in a park I was in good standing in. Again, all was good for a while, but the law still does not take kindly to people stealing other people's stuff. I got busted once again, and did a year before getting let out due to bad police work.

I had set to go straight, had figured I would do legit business, but the money is too good to go legit. I started running illegal shipments from north to south and vice versa, buying low and selling high, but that got old quick. I needed to settle down again, I needed to do what I do best. It was time to head back to Rome again, hook up with the crew and see what Faith was up to.

Unfortunately by the time I did get back Faith had left. I went back to the park, to find out where she went, and set out to find her. The crew wanted to come with me, since Georgia had too much heat for them. I let them know it is up to them if they want to follow or not, but I made my way up north to see what kind of trouble the pixie was getting herself into.