C. Farnsworth, P.I.

C. Farnsworth, P.I. is a retired LAPD, Sgt. He is 44 years old and spent over 20 years with LAPD, his last 10 in missing persons. Previously worked homicide where he received a wound in the thigh which leaves him with a slight limp. He sometimes uses a cane, but the cane is more of a weapon than anything. He was a training officer in ´┐Żofficer safety´┐Ż so is versed in various restraint methods. He was also a firearms instructor and is qualified to teach semi automatic and revolver. Hand guns only. He is licensed to be armed, and often carries a weapon. He has one child, a girl who is a medical student at UCLA and doing quite well. He has closed his office in Hollywood, Calif and now has an office in his home. He is available for employment. He avoids divorce matters, preferring backtracks and finding lost persons. He will serve legal papers. He has recently married Brenda Wodehouse aka Sue Smith. They have moved into their new home.