What would you like to know?:
"I have been haunting the halls of SOI in one form or another since January 1999. I started off in Castle Beware and since those fledgling days I have enjoyed countless hours of role play and fun around Beware, JAG, and SOI.

These days, I have lost my appeal for RP but I still haunt the halls of SOI namely around the z2cork and during football season cheering my Dallas Cowboys forward on the nflcork. You may also find me discussing politics and religion and invite you to join me if that is your thing. I often have strong opinions, but I truly try my best not to be a bitch about them. I guess age has tempered me a bit." ...Chuckles...

I love music and typically have some play list rocking in the background. My tastes are eclectic running the gambit from Marilyn Manson (my favorite!) to The OffSpring to Britney Spears to the Beatles to the Bee Gees. It is my belief that Music Is Love, Music is Life. While I do not watch TV/Movies as often as I listen to music, I do have my favorites there as well. Benedict Cumberbatch is my main squeeze. I also enjoy Doctor Who, X-Files, Sherlock, and Criminal Minds.

And books! Who doesn't love to read?! While the feel of a novel in one's hand is truly one of life's joys, I have embraced the digital age and, much like my iPhone play list, my Kindle is not far from my person. Also, much like my musical tastes, my literary ones are eclectic too. My very favorite genera is Historical Fiction but I read just about anything.

You will also find me sharing an array of GIFS in Smut with Motion (motn@soi). I appreciate both the Male and female form and I suppose for the sake of "classification" I consider myself heteroflexible. For the sake of online and how much a Capped vs. non-capped name means something, I will say that CeeJae is capped because it is grammatically correct to do such. My nature is more submissive than Dominate. I am not a Domme nor do I desire to be called Ma'am or Mistress when those settings might call for it.

What else? I like tattoos (I have four myself with several more planned), my kiddo is now 18 and has been turned loose on the world (chuckles), I'm a crazy cat lady (I have 4), and I'm open to conversations and discussions of all types."

Brain Cell Killers MM & BC