Catherine Gillespie

A self made woman, always on the look out for new ventures and business investments.

Catherine Hildebrant-Gillespie is always about the bottom line.

Her Father, the banker and her mother, the daughter of a real estate mogul, both wanted to give her the world. She wanted to get it for herself.

Working since she was 15 in any industry related job she could get.

Masters in Architecture and a Masters in business

She took positions with real estate brokers, bankers, wall street tycoons and industry giants.

Married twice
1st Husband - Harlan Rourke - divorced, deceased, turned out to be a serial rapist and murderer. He was the best damn job supervisor she ever had.

2nd Husband - Mark Gillespie - Currently married/separated. Incredible man, good man, great father. She's just a lousy wife. Mark lives in London while she lives in The City.

Owner of Hildebrant Enterprises, a high rise construction company and owner of Hildebrant Towers, the luxury sky scraper she built upon first arriving in the city.

She works harder than anyone, demands more than anyone and does as she damn well pleases.

Man Eater