Name: Caoimhe
Alias: None
Age: 381
DoB: Spring Solstice
Height: 5�5
Weight: 110
Build: Slender
Coloring: Hair and eyes the color of rich earth, fair skinned
Race: Sidhe Fae
Nationality: Seelie
Family: Surprising amount, really
Appearance: A beauty like a snowflake, or dew on a spiderweb. Delicate so delicate looking that you�d swear a harsh word would shatter her. She is slender, inhumanly graceful.

I�m rather sure Fate as a very twisted sense of humor, or she cares more for me than she did any of my predecessors. I was born into House Conchibhair, one of the bloodiest Houses in the Seelie court. Since the Seelie Queen first established her court my House has stood in defense of her. So it�s richly ironic that I be born to them.

It was my Grandmother that realized my nature. My father was attempting to teach me how to fight with a dagger when I refused to take it from his hand. I tried to force myself to hold it to the point where I caused myself pain. When I screamed every soldier within the sound of my voice came running to protect me. My Grandmother had been friends with one of the previous Caoimhes and recognized what and who I was.

I cannot say that it�s a joy. My nature frustrates me more than anyone else, though Arcene, my sister, would give Fate a good boot in the ass on my behalf. While I constantly worry my House may begrudge me for my compassionate ways, no other Caoimhe has lived as long as I have for a very long time and I know they are why.

My last Knight Protector was Denton. He died while I was escaping our Northern Hold. For whatever reason he refuses to move on to the Elysian Fields, choosing to stay here with me. As a ghost, only a mortal woman and I can see or hear him. I managed to find myself in the mortal world when I attempted to force him to move on, the spell went a little sideways and we were both brought here through the Rift.