The battle between the Unseelie and Seelie court is as old as time. From the blood of the first Seelie to spill their blood in defense of their Queen, the Caoimhe was born. She bares the balance of war, unable to touch weapons, spill blood or take life she remains a soul of compassion, gentleness and beauty.

The Caoimhe has her own place in the Seelie Court and is considered a Lady of the High Court, no matter her parentage. She is always referred to as Caoimhe, her birth name set aside after she is recognized. When one dies, another is born and the cycle continues ever onward.

Most Caoimhe do not live far into there third century. The Unseelie Court seems to take a special interest in tracking her down and killing her. Her heart is essential for some of the darkest magics.

She always calls to her a warrior of great skill. She typically has a healing touch and a gift for defensive magics. She calls to the compassion in others and often people will rise to her defense, even if they do not know her. She is characteristically very beautiful and delicate looking.