Born in the mountainous countryside near the village of La Aquila, the Abruzzi region of Italy, life was simple for the child named Cannelita Callerecio, traditionally meaning~~
"The Garden"

The many small cobblestone streets of the villages provided a wealth of things for the children of the countryside to do whenever they were brought into town. Festivities were routine with relatives and friends journeying to the village centers and outlaying areas which upon they gathered. For many these were the only times when they, cousins, friends and in-laws communicated.

There was little said of her fathers passing when she was around seven years of age other than it was of natural causes, well so the town records show. Anthony, one of the three brothers had already established himself in America where Dominic remained in Italy controlling the famiglia vineyards. There are many versions of why Antonette, Cannelita's mother was shamed into leaving Italy but she left to Paris where they waited for some settlement of the estate to be arranged. Running low on funds Anthony opened his doors in America so they began a life there. It wasn't long before Antonette passed on leaving Cannelita in the hands of her uncle to raise which, proved to be more than he ever expected.

Being eight years old and knowing perhaps a dozen or so expressions of English proved to be a handicap and blessing in a way. Instead of going to public schools she was home tutored through the tenth grade where she began high school in the local public school. With her textbook English and unfamiliarity with the local customs of American teenagers she was more of a loner than a social butterfly. Friends were few in the two years of high school and she was more kept to then out in front in the activities. It was this 'outcast' feeling that made the life of drugs and prostitution so easy to transgress.

Showing no interest in college she took to work in her uncles pizzeria where she learned the trade. Most said it was because of her inspirational cooking and simplicity that the menus of all the restaurants Anthony took over were modeled after her recipes. Some say it was with the chickens, others the hogs where she acquired the knack for putting down these animals with an ice pick for provisions. It wasn't long before she took the same skill towards her enemies. Simple, clean and discrete was her way of finalities.
This was how the renown 'Ice Lady' came to be although, she was never truly identified.

You may guess but don't ask.
Not fitting in wasn't strange to her so it was no surprise to anyone when she had a falling out with her uncle and took off to Europe. Bringing people together was something that came easily of her and she used this diplomacy to her advantage in grouping business contacts. It was also to her advantage in getting close to enemies which proved to be their downfall. They all bore the mark of the 'Ice Lady' with that tiny wound to the base of the skull and, that same perfume most her victims seemingly inherited.

Alone, short of money or a place to live, distrustful of anyone were the perfect ingredients for the recipe to a life of drug addiction and prostitution. She was coy with those in every situation which kept her at an advantage to abandon the lifestyle for awhile with the aura of false success that emanated. Traveling country to country, city to city took her and, the 'Ice Lady' through many places to eventually land in a place called Mean Street. It was here that she met a man named Pusher that made her yearn, for once in her life, for a place to settle down and have a family of her own. Don Antonio Callerecio, her uncle, wasn't surprised to find her with a pizzeria but delighted with her settling down in a relationship.
Or was it the sparsely noted fact that the 'Ice Lady' was home again? Only time will tell.


Today one can find Cannelita and Pusher Living above 'La Aquila', the pizzeria named after her home town where they run the business and import olive oil for the local markets. Whether that is all they deal in is something one never asks or should as some have unpleasantly found out.
Not unlike any other small business they appear to struggle in carving out a living in this urban neighborhood. Ask why Mean Street and you'll simply get the low down on real estate values, taxes and other economic advantages the slums have to offer. The ritzy don't eat any more pizza than the poor, in fact, it's the other way around.

So if your near stop in, have a slice to stay, to go or, even delivered.
That is pizza of course. Or is it?

Cannelita has little tolerance for OOC playing unscripted and spontaneously.
Her nicname font is Lucida Handwriting.