Name: Caleb Storm. Friends call him Storm...never had a nickname other than that. Storm fit though. Only select special few called him Caleb.
Age: 42. .

Celeb Claim: Ami James

Background and History

Caleb had been born in southern West Virginia. His old man had been a vietnam vet. Came back fucked up...pissed off..judged and hated by his own country. He felt betrayed. He found his way into the Pagans MC. Caleb lived with his dad. Travelled with him. Rode with him. He was on a bike at fifteen. He spent a few years in juvy for fighting in school...alot. He put a kid in the hospital and got sent away. Then his mother intervened. When he got out...he was forced to go live with her. He hated the woman...holy than though...shit dont stink kinda cunt. She forced him to join the Army. Be all he could fucking be. That didnt work so well.

Less than than a year in just outta boot camp he got in a bar fight. Mps whowed up. Caleb fought visciiusly...always did. Took six Mps to subdue him. Turned out the guy he was thrashing was a officer. Caleb ended up doing two years in Leavenworth...for aggravated assault...assaulting an officer...assaulted a Mp. He made friends inside. Always good to put two Mps in the hospital. Kimd of esrned him respect on the inside.

He was released with a dishonorable discharge. He headed home. He found his old man...signed on to the Pagans. Went to running guns. Mainly in the states...east coadt to midwest. Occasionally he ventured into Mexico where he sent weapons into Columbia and south America. He specialized in mikitary grade weapons. Knew how to get them. Coukd get them.

While away his Old man was killed by Angels. Caleb eventually found those responsible. ...he firebombed the bar. Killed the three he fucked up a couple others. Wasnt a year later..ATF raided a storage house he was running. He ended up in Red Onion SuperMax Penitentery. Arson and weapons charges. Eight years inside. Earned more blood stripes inside. Became inducted into the Pagan of the thirteen Enforcers of the Motherclub. When he got out...he picked up where he left off. The feud with the Angels had picked up. ATF and feds where getting involved. Things were getting ugly. He knew he was suspected in several bombings abd shootouts...out right murders. So he headed south Record
Aggravated assault
Assault with deadly weapon/maliciois wounded
Multiple weapons charges including possession of class C weapons amd trafficking

Suspected in several bombings...shootouts...murders...suspected weapons smuggling. Is on Fbi and Atf watch lists as suspected member of organized crime syndicate

The Rabble Mc patch on the back of his cut
Pagan Mc patch on the left shoulder
One percent patch
13...One of the Thriteen enforcers for the Motherclub
4...Live and Die
7...In memory of
A dozen plus red blood stripes on the right front..all proven deaths

He was an outlaw plain and were most of those around. Fiercely loyal of protective of what is his..