Bertrand Sylvester
(Bull) St.James

He is known as The Right Reverend B.S. Godfella when wearing the collar of the Holy Catholic Church. In civilian mufti, he is simply Bernard Sylvester St. James. In either guise, friends and enemies alike call him �Bull.� Who he is is less important than what he is� a field operative in the clandestine Knights Templar, the Vatican�s �secret police� and anti-terrorist branch.

His Past
He started life as Bertrand Sylvester St.James, the only male offspring of Bernard Samuel and Bertha Sheraton St. James of San Francisco and Ostia Antica, a small village 20 miles from the center of Rome, in the meadows between the Tiber River and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here at the family villa overlooking the river and the sea, he spent his summers, caring for his older, but autistic sister. Sometime he traveled with his father to visit the family vineyards in the famous vineyard region known as Castelli Romani. In the winter, it was back to San Francisco and a private, Jesuit boarding school. Weekends were usually spent with his family at their vineyard in the Napa Valley wine country.

It was a luxurious and idyllic life for a healthy young man with athletic talents. It was� until his parents, in Rome on business, were kidnapped, tortured and murdered by Brigate Rosse, Italy�s Red Brigade terrorists. His 14-year-old sister was raped and left for dead. (Today she lives in a convent not far from Rome, and the sight of any man, even her once beloved brother, sends her into spasms of fear.) The young boy swore an oath of vengeance, promising God he would some day revenge the murder of his parents and humiliation of his sister.

Time passed, and the boy became a man. He earned the nickname of �Bull� playing linebacker at the University of Notre Dame. Rumors on campus, however, hold that the nickname was given to him by the school's cheerleading squad for his prowness off the field.

Be that as it may, he was recruited by the CIA while still in college because of his knowledge of Rome and because he had no family. Trained in covert operations at the CIA "Farm" in Langley, Virginia, Bull was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Rome as a field agent.

Once in Rome, Bull set out to find the Red Brigade terrorists who killed his family. Most had grown old. Almost all had �retired� from the terrorist organization of their youth. Several had become respected members of the Italian establishment. In the end, all died� slowly, painfully. And while he had no regrets about killing them as they had killed his parents, neither did he find the peace he sought.

His CIA case officer, suspecting what Bull had done, arranged his transfer to Berlin. There, he met a German priest who listened to the troubled young man�s confession. The priest became both friend and father figure to Bull. Soon, the priest had lured him away from the CIA and into the Knights Templar.

So it was that Bernard Sylvester St. James became The Right Rev. B.S. Godfella, a summa cum laude graduate of a Jesuit seminary and of the Knights Templar covert operations training program.

His first assignment after ordination was pursuing a pedophiliac priest with a penchant for pre-pubescent girls whom he first defiled, then murdered. Bull's search took him to a Los Angeles ghetto where, when a female operative was killed by the priestly serial killer, the rogue priest was, in turn, killed by Bull. (It is rumored the female operative and Bull were conducting
undercover affairs of their own.)

Bull very likely would have gone to prison had it not been for Downy Drain, Esq., then an L.A. cop. There was speculation at the time that Drain and the Church saved young Bull's bacon in a cover-up of massive proportions. Bull and Swirly (as he refers to Downy) have been close friends ever since. And they say politics make for strange bed-fellows.

Bull was in Ireland, tracking IRA terrorists, when his friend Swirly Drain called to ask if he would officiate at the funeral of a murdered girl in The City. Bull quickly agreed, not only as a favor to an old friend, but also because he had discovered an IRA link from Ireland to The City.

The funeral over and no leads in his investigation, Bull was preparing to leave when a beautiful and charming woman, Lori Larimer, who feared for her father's soul., asked for his help. Never one to ignore a lady in distress, the good father stayed. It remains to be seen if he salvaged Papaci's soul.

His Present
While God may move in mysterious ways, nature does not. Before long, the good father and Lori Larimer are dancing to the age-old tune played by the birds and the bees. Recalled to Rome, Bull arranges for Lori to accompany him. He also arranges an audience an audience for her with His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, who turns out to be none other than the German priest who had recruited Bull into the Knights Templar.

Bull explains to the Pope his feeling for Lori and asks for a special dispensation that will allow their relationship to continue without tarnishing her reputation. With a "Permission granted" and "Smoke if you got 'em", His Holiness turns the Man of God back into a man, period.

Though his name is once again just plain Bull, or B.S. St.James, he remains in the employ of the Pope, retaining his rank and duties as a Knight Templar. He also retains the authority to wear the priestly collar and the name of The Right Rev. B.S. Godfella in carrying out those duties.

His Future
God only knows what happens to Lori and Bull now. The only sure thing...
Bull St.James is no altar boy, but� as he is learning� neither is Lori Larimer.

in hoc signo vinces
(In this sign thou shalt conquer)

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