Bubba Schultz
Soft-spoken, with a curiously quiet voice for a man his size, Leonardo Alessio Damiano (Bubba) Schultz is unfailingly polite. But don�t be fooled. He can kill you with a single finger, a gun, a knife or even a rolled-up newspaper. Some say he�s a CIA agent gone bad; others, that he�s a Mafia hitman.

Here�s what he says about his life:

�Momma was a 13-year-old Catholic school girl, raped and impregnated by a gang of Italian teenagers in the Bronx. Any one� or even all�of them could have been my father.

�If Momma hadn�t been from a Catholic family, I might have never seen the light of day. You might say religion saved my life. The Church placed me in a orphanage in the Midwest, where I was eventually adopted by Emma and Herman Schultz, a hard-working, German-American couple who raised me as their own.

�I was something of a runt when I was growing up, the frequent target of bullies. So I learned to fight at a young age. By the time I graduated from high school, I had grown to my present size and was handy enough with my fists to earn a boxing scholarship to a first-rate university.

�After graduation, I was recruited by the Secret Service. The Service sent me to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center at Artesia, New Mexico. From there, I was sent for 'specialized' instruction at the James J. Rowley Training Center in Laurel, Maryland.

�I proved to be a fast learner, and word got around. Pretty soon, I was being loaned out to various other government agencies for a variety of 'black ops', which often required more 'specialized' training. Finally, I was tapped for the prestigious Presidential Protection team. Unfortunately, I told the President his college-aged twin daughters inherited their drinking problem from him and the First Lady. I was dismissed on the spot.

�For awhile after that, I freelanced as a security consultant for various corporations, but I always managed to piss off some executive weenie. The jobs got further and further apart. Then I met the Boss-Lady. I needed a job, and she needed a bodyguard. It was a match made in heaven... and a perfect cover for the 'wet' jobs that come my way.

"So, I became a 'watcher', that guy in the shadows who looks after other people and their property. Thing is, as a watcher, you are never really a part of things, especially since the person you have to watch closest is yourself, always, just to make sure no one ever really sees you."

But, times change; people change. The Boss-Lady married and settled down. Bubba partnered with his best friend and most trusted associate, Maggie O'Riordan, in a private security firm. Together they turned the local business into an international conglomerate, working for government agencies best left unnamed.

Along the way, Bubba met and married Jessi Lynn Schultz. On the day they were married, he adopted her twin babies, and she has since given him a daughter, Cara, and a son, Christopher. No longer is he just a watcher.

Jessi and Bubba have amassed real estate from Texas to the U.S. Virgin Islands, and they own planes, boats and automobiles. There's even a Schultz Family Foundation. Bubba has become a respectable businessman, husband and father. Or has he?