In high school,Alfonso (Bruno) Cavatini played baseball and went to class,worked hard at the former but not at the later. He could have knocked around the minors a few years but knew he did not have the talent to get to the major leagues.

He attended the public college closest to his suburban home, had an active social life, played ball,majored in liberal arts, and minored in psychology. He graduated with decent grades,not by working hard,but by doing his reading,turning in his papers, and testing well.

He could have gotten into grad school for law or business,but after seventeen years in school wanted to get into the workplace---and money was an issue.

The placement office at his school advertised uniform police positions in The City.

Bruno had always been a fan of Conan Doyle,Robert B. Parker,John D. McDonald,Agatha Christie, and other "whodunit?" authors.

He had enjoyed the psychology courses,including the parts about criminal deviance.

So,he took a job in the City,doing street cop duties,being visible,preventing crime.

After a few years,he was assigned to protect a police detective. She (rightly) found it insulting to be assigned a guard because of her gender. But Bruno knew that also,so they got along OK. While they are attracted to each other,since they were working together,they decided to keep their relationship professional,not personal.

She suggested to him that he take the detective's exam. He took it,scored well,and was assigned to the same detective as her junior partner.

His job shifted from preventing crimes by being there to solving crimes after the fact.

((OCC....Given the free wheeling nature of play in the City,while Bruno is a junior grade homicide detective,he will play other story lines where his play fits.))