Brenda Farnsworth

Thirty-seven years ago on March 24, Susan Hall emerged as the only child of a cold and ruthless couple in the northeast. Inherited wealth meant she never wanted for material things, but it wasn�t much of a family life.

Her father wasn�t around much and the nannies changed every few months, but she knew her mother cared. As she grew older, there were the cotillions, the coming out parties, and the �season� in some posh place or other. She was finishing her Master�s at Bryn Mawr when she got word of her mother�s death.

The next three years were living hell under her father�s thumb. She felt the resentment but didn�t know its source. The young men who caught her fancy disappeared for no apparent reason. At first she thought it was her, but eventually realized dear old dad was buying them off.

The �family business� needed her, or so her father insisted, resulting in her never having the chance to use her education outside his corporate empire. She never was quite sure what the business was. Her function was more to fill her mother�s place than anything else. She never saw the books, never found a stock report, never knew the location of the buildings or other assets. She was sent all over the world representing her father at various functions. He treated her like dirt.

One day she made up her mind, maxed out her credit cards then shredded them, packed the few things that mattered to her, and left. Her purpose was simply to lose herself in the City and eventually live life the way she wanted. She took on her mother�s maiden name, Smith, and shortened the Susan to Sue. There were probably hundreds of women named Sue Smith in the City. They would never find her.

God, she was na�ve.

She knew she'd need a new Social Security number, and that led to meeting Mr Wu.

The face on the passport and driver's license was hers. The new Social Security number was put on the W-9 she filled out her first day as Manager at City National Bank and signed the lease for a loft in the Warehouse on Waterway as Brenda Wodehouse.

She began to relax and enjoy life for the first time, until one evening at the 141 Lounge, when she was smuggled out of the place by C. Farnsworth, P.I. Seems dear old dad had hired him to find her, with the intention of getting rid of her and collecting the inheritance she was to receive from her grandmother. Farnsworth got wind of the plot and literally saved her life.

She fell hard for him. They married in 2004.

On the verge of indictment by the IRS dad killed himself rather than face prison, and she inherited grandma�s trust. There was enough to buy some #r-farnres(property) on Primrose, build a nice home and for Mr. and Mrs. Farnsworth to finally settle down.

Brenda worked her way up the ladder at City National Bank, becoming bank President when Raymond Shaw stepped down. She chose to retire when the bank was sold.

In 2012 she was named to the City Council and served as president.