Brandon enjoys his work, is quick with a smile and lives life to the fullest. Brandon always enjoys a challenge, and he's always cool, calm and collected.

From a very early age, his charisma, good looks and quick wit made him the life of any gathering. He showed an interest in sports at an early age and was a three-sport star in high school.

After high school, Brandon entered college on a full baseball scholarship majoring in a double major of Engineering and Business Management. He still loves baseball, and can often be found at a ballpark either playing or watching when he's not at work.

The Broadcast Operations division was Brandon's creation, and he worked tirelessly to get it up and off the ground. Once Broadcast Operations was up and running, Brandon left to travel the world. London, Sydney, Toronto and Tokyo were places he called home, however he always enjoyed his time at The Corporation, and now, he's back as the new Vice President of Information Technology.