Hello E/everyone! Welcome to blane's Home Page

Anyway, just for all of Y/you nice enough to click me, *HUGS*

Now for some juicy stuff and all of Y/you that just can't seem to remember my description or perhaps just enjoy reading it again, perhaps some day i should get a photo scanned, but i prefer a bit of imagination to tease better.

Ok well i've included a few rules that i follow, or perhaps a bit of my life's values.
    1. Always try to be nice to everyone.
    2. Always look for the good in everyone.
    3. And always break all the rules, EXCEPT for #1 and #2.
    4. #1 can be broken if the one is an ass.
Since i've been here, i find mind wandering many realms and many places, here are a few of the stories that crossed my mind while traveling: my stories page

Ok... just a wee bit of poetry: my poetry page

Assignments: Assignment #1