Place of birth:California
Date of Birth: The 60's
Vital Statistics: bust 36c, waist 26, arse 34, height 5-6", long sandyblonde hair, hazel eyes
Occupation: bar owner,
and I spend my Spring as a medieval wench!
Hobbies & interests: Music (country), flirting and studying history
Turn ons: bright people, patient yet amourous girlfriends and beaus and fast posts.
intelligent, literate posting,
Oh, did I mention these 5" heels? and this micromini?
Turn offs: text style chatting (c u l8r), short cuts, boring or slow conversation
Sexual Orientation: sexual (but I absolutely cream over a patient Dominatrix)
it is much harder for guys to find a trip to My boudoir than for ladies. Patience and imagination are the keys.

She enjoys her girls as often as She can, but RT is a cruel Mistress
(Note: none of my pictures or avatars use rt pics of Me, but pictures I found on the internet)

Currently kelly michaels is My girl, and I have a submissive man, just max
and I have two wonderful wives, randie, and the incomparable johny sweet