The Basics
Nicknames: Belle, Bells, but mostly just Bella
Date of Birth: December 24, 1979
Place of Birth: Venice, Italy
Height: 5'7"
Ethnicity: Italian and French
Race: Lycan - Wolf

General Lycan Powers
Improved Strength
Improved Speed
Improved Senses

Lesser Lycan Powers
Control Change in Self
Fast Shift to Animal

Alpha Lycan Powers
No Shift Coma
Partial Shift
Control Change in Others
Share Power

Her History
With an Italian father and a French mother, Bella�s childhood was rather unique. She spent her years growing up in three cities, Venice, where her father was born and grew up, Nice, France, where her mother was born and her parents met, and San Francisco, California, where her mother spent a portion of her youth. Both parents also insisted that she learn �their� languages as well as English, so she grew up in a trilingual household.

Actually, Bella is Dr. Bella Cipriani, but she�s not the type to insist on that title, not now, likely not ever. Bella attended the University of Washington in Seattle for both her undergraduate degree, where she double-majored in biochemistry and psychology, and for her medical degree. Recently, she finished her residency and has just joined a psychiatry practice here in Seattle.

There�s something else that�s less than typical about Bella though. After earning her undergraduate degree, Bella, her boyfriend at the time, Jarrett, and a group of friends went on a vacation to a lake cabin in Canada to celebrate graduation. One night, they�d grilled dinner and spent the rest of the evening lounging and celebrating by the lake. The unused meat from their dinner had been left out, and like raw meat tends to do, it drew a wild animal. A wolf, to be precise. Bella and Jarrett were kissing on a blanket in the grass, and the wolf jumped Bella, clawing her back to shreds and biting the back of her thigh before Jarrett found a knife to throw at it, chasing it off. He then rushed her to the hospital, where she not only survived the attack, but healed faster than any human would. At that point, Bella knew. Over the past years, what she knew then has been proven with every full moon, and with the growth of her powers.

Celebrity Claim: Jessica Alba