:recording: "Genetics. Genome. Humanity. It's these three things we think about when we think about ourselves and others. At least to me it is. Each of our DNA strands make us in certain ways. But, are we defined by it? Such an interesting question. It is this series of amino acids that state whether we adapt or not to our environment."

"Evolution. Adaption. Call it what ever you want to. But in this modern world, we, as living organisms adapt and evolve to our enivronment. Or we die. It's that simple. And those people who have remarkable talents, gifts, powers - are just that. The step forward towards perfection. To evolve. Or die. This is our legacy."

"Some species are more perfect then others, but it is not perfection in the sense of form, but of function. Of how we interact with the world around us. Yes, future perfect. For a future world. Those of us, beyond the ken of normal genetic codes, those of us who have found power, or have evolved with powers? We are the future."

"You are the past, and in any ecosystem the organism that does not adapt to it's enivron, or changes with it. Is useless; and dies. So, what are you? Future perfect? Or past tense."


:recording: "So here it is, the idea. The philosophy. Quite simply, mutants - or I shall call them steps into genetic perfection, evolved beings are minority. They live and breathe, and procreate. There should be more of them. As of now, it is a small subsection of the populace. The rest? Are merely ants."

"But, you could be so much better."

"A revolution is coming. Where the common man dies due to enviromental stress. And only those who evolve are left. Sometimes, mother nature - needs a quiet - push. Shall I be the one to push it? Yes."

"So come with me. Evolve. Or die. It's quite your choice."