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A s s a s s i n is a character created many years ago when I used to spend a lot more time here. In the high days when Z2 was filled with grand Dom/mes and beautiful and sometimes mischievous subs who all wrote wonderfully embellished stories to entertain a large eclectic community of like-minded citizens.

It was the days of grand and glorious entrances, when each of the regulars had their place in the room, be it a chair or a rug upon which to sit and when a submissive's description of his or her service of a simple glass of wine earned praise for attention to detail and dedication to a lifestyle of highly structured protocols.

A different time indeed and one long past.

A s s a s s i n ' s story is born of many different times in history and ends here at SOI where he now resides in comfortable retirement, having accumulated sufficient from nefarious means to survive in this day and age.

I began to write his story and never finished. Perhaps one day I shall.

Please Enjoy My Story