We are like diamonds cut brilliantly to reflect the light And sometimes the lights twists itself into bleakness and sometimes into shattering of colours.

I am the wolf,
I am the guardian,
I am artic,
I am the ghost,
I am the stonelady,
I am the weeping child,
I am the pesky playful fox,
I am mother hen,

I am not your slut

I hurt and ache and burn and long to be touched
I am touched and loved and protected

The light keeps twisting

listening to tori
pondering the smallness and fragility of life

Music and light

I am not
Mr Arcticwolf from Gor/Jag.

And if you are looking for my scribbles this is the first one.. https://soiuser.hyperchat.com/articwolf/Storyboard1.htm It's sequential to 20 where is become 020... some are corrupt some are missing, whatever.