A hunter in pursuit of worthy prey. Dark of mind, primal and mysterious. A being of intense hungers, of vivid and visceral expression. Give me a taste of your imagination, that flame within your thoughts, and I'll show you how great a blaze it can become.

Deep, descriptive play whether it be conversation, story-driven, or something more physically charged has an irresistible appeal for me. Few things bore me as quickly and as thoroughly as small talk. If you seek to attract my attention be direct, be bold; wallflowers and most submissives are likely to go unnoticed.

Rape, slavery, humiliation or abuse are themes I have very little interest in. If your chief desire is to be dehumanized there are plenty of others who will indulge your fantasy. I may play rough, I may be demanding, but do not mistake hunger and intensity with a need to destroy pretty things.

I respect the rights, privacy and personal limits of other players and expect the same in return. I'm a man and play it straight, if gender bending is your thing I'm not interested.

I enjoy play with citizens and non-citizens alike. An occasional patron of #r-celeb@soi(a certain bar), I'm also exploring a number of other realms on the site. Feel free to whisper or MSG me if there's a vision in your mind you're hungering to explore.