... a small, slightly pissy, Anna FAQ ...

� I am not a Domme. Please do not address me as one. Unless BDSM protocol is a rule of the room we are in, please, try your best not to use it with me. I do understand it becomes a habit for many. Thank you.
� I do not wish to label myself with such terms as "submissive" or "slave." I am who I am. Fathomless and ever evolving. Labels are mediocre and I despise mediocrity.
� I am straight.
� I am not seeking a romantic/sexual relationship. It doesn't mean I'm closed off to the possibility, it just means I don't have that particular agenda.
� If you are married or seriously involved vt or rt, please do not try to get down my cyber panties. You're very welcome to conversation, otherwise, leave me alone. Thank you.
� I do scene, but never randomly. And never in public. It could happen, under extraordinary, and very inspired circumstances.
� I don't care if you are a Dom a Domme a Master a Mistress or Noam Chomsky. I will not melt at your feet in a vapid puddle of groupie juice. I will not giggle in response to questions and answer with a glowing and contrived "you're so awesome." I believe in honesty, sincerity and reality. If you are a pompous ass, I will ignore you. I do NOT and will NOT cater to your ego.
� I hate hypocrisy.
� If you're not a sincere person, move on.
� I do not give out pictures. Most especially not to those who just want to see if I'm fuckable. One person here has seen me, and I was in love with him. It takes just that sort of connection. Nuff said.

Love In The New World

he worships her

sandwiching her between fictitious queens
this is love in the new world

he stubs out his cigarettes at her alter
her cunt is an ashtray
housing the ashes of an age

she is conditioned to stain
so prettily
this is love in the new world

it's a different kind of pain
that shatters behind man made gates
this is love in the new world