My distant past:

i come from a faraway land where my Father was the King and my Mother His prized consort, making me a princess. i was their only child and my devoted parents loved and protected me the best way they could. In my early years, i had private tutors and was schooled in the arts of majik and healing. i demonstrated great promise in both areas. Unfortunately, an evil Lord, launched a surprise attack on O/our kingdom which left both of my parents dead. However, my parents were beloved by their people and their servants made sure i was safe. i was secretly taken to the village and my training continued. i learned how to make healing potions from herbs and how to harness the natural elements for majikal spells. i also learned how to use my voice to calm and reason. During this time, it became apparent that i am a gifted empath, able to quickly feel what others feel and use that skill for healing purposes. My heart is pure and my actions are almost exclusively used for good. P/people tend to immediately sense this because of my graceful manner and the faint white light that follows me, giving me a soft, beautiful angelic appearance. This makes T/those who see me feel the need to be protective.

When i reached early adulthood i grew restless in the village. i knew that the villagers were hoping that when i came of age, i would attempt to regain control of the Kingdom, but that was not my calling. i started to have nightly dreams, images where sirens called out to me, tempting me to follow them. i knew then it was time to begin my adventure. In the dark of night, i silently slipped out of my bed and quickly ran to the forest, guided by the soft melodic sounds. Wrapped tightly in my enchanted black cape, my jewel encrusted dagger strapped to my thigh, i left the protection of my kingdom. All i took with me was enough gold to last a very long time and a few of my finest jewels -- i am quite partial to rubies! Perhaps one day i will share some of the adventures i have had along the way to finding the path that lead me to A/all of Y/you and the Castle door�

My more recent past:

As many of Y/you already know, i was the companion of a very old and well~respected Vampyre. W/we had met in a tavern in a far away town. i was sitting at a table, drinking a glass of wine when He entered and my entire body felt the strength of His presence. My petite frame, thick dark tresses, milky white skin, and eyes reminiscent of piercing pools of emerald light, drew His attention. He immediately saw my innocence and the warmth and sincerity of my heart melted His. Although He swore He would never make another, He chose to give me the dark gift. Before He had the chance to watch my powers develop and my abilities unfold, He abruptly left the realm.

Although i inherited His great wealth (including His mansion, servants, and centuries of collected treasure), i was a fledgling, alone and afraid. i felt so lost and went to One i instinctively knew would care for me -- a Friend from the oldest known living race. This One helped me when I needed it. He watched the changes occur, wiped away my tainted pink tears, fed me, and provided what i needed to heal, in my own way. He taught me how to use my new found talents�and His tender care�restored my faith in myself and the realm. i also obtained some of His abilities and He some of mine during that time together. i am now even more gifted in mind communication, and the ability to heal both myself and others.

For over a year i was the constant companion of a brave and sensual King. He was a true Master, and showed me how to explore the darkness to find light. He gave me the courage to change my life...and for that i will always be thankful. W/we have since parted company. i wish Him every happiness and i know He wishes me the same.

The present day:

i have found much happines in my rt life. i have finally found the freedom to explore everything i need in one place...that place is farther away from SOI...but i still dwell here on occassion...i also have developed a new taste for sweet, precious little girls...*wink* watch out... i am still learning about who i am and what i can do. Although, i still appear quite angelic, i will warn Y/you now, i fiercely defend T/those i love. So if our P/paths cross, be sure to say hello and know that at present, i wish no O/one any harm�.*batting my sparkling emerald eyes with soft angelic laughter*