Anastasia...The Woman, The Healer.

Born at the witching hour on All Hallows Eve in the year of our Lord 1865, Anastasia was the chosen one of her family line. A direct descendant of Saint Alessandra of Baile Átha Cliath, The Patron Saint of Protection and Healing. She was the first truly gifted healer in her family’s line. She bears the Stigmata, three of the five known marks, her palms and her side…all weep blood. She has been known on occasion when particularly saddened to weep tears of blood as well.

She grew up in a “proper” home under the guidance of her mother, a self proclaimed healer in her own right. The woman was a fraud, and a drunk. Stasia shied away from most people because of this lest they believe she was a fraud as well. She drew as little attention to herself as possible while growing up and even less as an adult. Those who would benefit most from her gift, always sought her out. Not the other way around.

There was no denying what she was or what she was destined to do. She had long since given up trying to pretend that this was not her calling. So she embraced it for all of the right reasons…and none of the wrong ones. She was pure of heart and spirit. And more than a bit sheltered and naïve. She was far too trusting that people were essentially good and kind, and that could bring her trouble of the worst kind. She knew there would quite possibly come a time when she would lay down her life for that of one whose destiny was far more important than her own. And she trusted that when that day would come, she would be given the answers needed until then..all she has, is her faith.

• Name: Anastasia DuMont
• Age:22
• DOB: October 31st
• Place of Birth: Paris
• Height: 5’9
• Weight: 140
• Hair color: Red
• Eye color: Green
• Build: slender
• Complexion: fair