.: Vital Statistics:

(a) Name-Alex Hsiang-Ju Dubois

(b) Aliases-Dragoon

(c) Age-19 going on 20

(d) Date of Birth-10/26

(e) Place of Birth-New Orleans

(f) Height-5'11"

(g) Weight-220ish

(h) Hair colour-Usually black

(i) Eye colour-Tawny Gold

(j) Build (small, medium, lean, bulky)-Lean and very fit

(k) Complexion (fair, dark, medium)-Fair

(l) Race (human, mutant, shapeshifter, etc.)-Mutant.

(m) Nationality-Chinese American

(n) Powers (if applicable)-See the "History: Past" and "Armor Specs" pages for more information.

(o) Family-None, all deceased. Currently in an exclusive relationship with Calliope.

(p) Brief History ("How I got to NY, the abridged version")-See the "History, Today" page for more info.

.: Celebrity: Will Yun Lee

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