Aidan Galeron

"The darkness will not touch you"

The pronouncement had been made over the newborn child by an ancient, white bearded man who arrived and departed mysteriously the evening she came into the world. It was an ironic blessing to bestoy upon the bastard child of cruel Lord begotten upon an unwilling innocent. And as the years passed, if the maid herself were asked she would probably say it had proved more curse than blessing. Perhaps because it carried with it a challenge to forces best left undisturbed.

Darkness in it's various forms of misfortune and calamity did seem to avoid the child herself in the most miraculous of ways. Accidents that maimed or killed others left her unscathed on enough occasions as to cause her to be marked, feared, taunted and constantly tested. Fearing for the child's life her family; consisting of her mother, grandmother and the man, a blacksmith, who had married her mother after her birth, packed up thier few belongings and headed off towards her step-father's village, hoping for a fresh start or at least more kin to live amongst. The family would never arrive at their prospective new home. hunters from the village would hear and follow the folorn cries of a child and find the unscathed Aidan inside the ruins of a wagon surrounded by the corpses of her family. knowing nothing of the child or her 'blessing' they took pity on her and took her in. a waif of 10 years old, she was taken in by childless couple; A cook and a gardener. Her new parents doted on her, healing her wounded heart and filling her hours with cheerful, if hard work. They insisted the child learn everything she could of each of their trades and earn her keep.

Aidan was hardworking, quick of wit, full of joy, fearless and tender of heart. She had a deep interest in the supernatural and would spend hours upon hours listening, wide eyed to the frightful tales told by the aged, addled and inventive. A pious and prayerful girl once she was learned of such things as good and evil. It was oft commented that the girl was well suited to a convent and a life of such pursuits. Her nature affected those that met her so that they either gravitated towards her and found delight in her company, or detested her and found her mere proximity repugnant.

Childhood faded into young womanhood and the waif blossomed into a cheerful, dark haired beauty that caught the eye of many. She had her adopted father's way with the soil and plants, (especially the spices!) and her mother's genious around the cooking pot. It was said, that Aidan could make stone soup to please a King's palate.

Her parents wanting the best for the girl sent her to one of the wealthy houses to apply as a cook. The wagon cart she rode in had scarce left the shadow of the village when the attack came. Days later she would learn of it on her way home, from a ancient bearded man who warned them not to return, there was sadness in his rheumy eyes when he said the words that roused a memory in the shaken young woman.

"The darkness will not touch you" He said, looking directly at Aidan

"but the others, the others it will consume, please, go no closer there is nothing to save, turn away now!"

Though frightened witless, the driver and his two trembling passengers did continue a while towards the village they'd called home, continued until the smell of smoke and rotting flesh choked and blinded them. Then they fled, at unsafe speeds, knowing not where they were headed except away, as far as their weary team would carry them.

When the horses could go no further they found themselves within vast woods. No one spoke, but there was a sense they had outrun, for now, whatever had destroyed their home... even if the scent still seemed to cling to the very wood of the wagon they now abandoned. As the weary horses and their former passengers walked, slowly through Tynlevensel, cautiously hopeful of a new start.

Aidan, well she could not forget the old man's words, or the painful memories they evoked. She was too grieved to hope, too disturbed by what she had sensed, smelled, almost tasted back at the village, too afraid of what these two she travelled with thought of her, their wary glances betraying much. Maybe she'd fare better here, maybe some well-to-do would have use of her skills... yes she supposed she did dare hope at least that, her life had to go on.

Name: Aidan Galeron
Species/Classification: human
Gender: Female
age: 20-25 years
Birthplace: A long forgotten village on the outskirts of Avalon.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 127 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: wavy Brown
Build: curvacious
Clothing: almost always in the fastidiously clean garb of a kitchen maid.

biological Father: unknown Noble
Father: she claims her first step father: Anguysh Galeron (deceased)
Mother: Chelinda Galeron (deceased)
Siblings: None living.