Celeb Claim - Daniel Henney
Avatar URL - https://soiuser.hyperchat.com/afon/AfonAvis.html

Age - 30
Lycan Age - 12
Status - Very Strong Beta
Height - 6'2"
Weight - 200 lbs
Hair - Black
Race/Faction - Leopard
Occupation - Assassin

Siblings - 1 sister, 2 brothers (deceased)
Parents - Father deceased. Mother in China.
Skills - Various martial arts, expert in various firearms,
breaking and entering, stealth, deduction and tracking.
Abilities - General Abilities
Powers - Call Flesh
Enforcer Bodyguard
Fast Shift to Animal

- History -

Afon Petyalovich was born to a Russian father and a Chinese mother. His father was a young policeman when he met Afon's mother while she was backpacking through Europe with some friends. The two fell head over heels, and eventually got married and proceeded to conceive Afon and his siblings.
Afon's father was a very good policeman, and he ended up angering the wrong people. While working a case, Afon's dad had a fatal confrontation with a hired assassin. Though, that wasn't the end of the message the assassin's employers wanted to send and the killer came to the home of Afon's family where, in his leopard form, the assassin slaughtered Afon's brothers and would've killed Afon had the 18 year old not gotten a hold of his father's gun.
True, the bullets didn't kill the were-leopard assassin, but he was injured enough to have to run away and recuperate. Afon, though severely injured after the attack, survived.
Afon's mother and sister were on their way home while the assassin attacked. They had just closed Afon's mother's restaurant for the day. When they came home to the traumatic scene, they discovered Afon, barely alive and an ambulance was called.
Afon spent a while in the hospital and was questioned over and over again by police and reporters, and a few "Professional Lycan Hunters" about the attack. While the investigation was underway, Afon's mother and sister were put up in a hotel room since their house was a crime scene. Despite recommendations to the contrary, Afon's mother took her son to live with her and her daughter. She refused to believe in any possibility that her son was now a lycan.
However, the closer time brought them to the first full moon after the attack, the more the beast in Afon came forth. One night, right in the middle of the hotel room before his family's eyes, Afon transformed. The new lycan turned on the two policemen there to protect the family, killing one and severely wounding the other, then ran off, disappearing into the small town and the wilderness beyond.
There was a city-wide search, but Afon had seemed to disappear. Thinking her son lost to her, and realizing it was another lycan that had destroyed her family, Afon's mother wasn't sure she even wanted to see Afon again. She packed up and took her daughter with her to her childhood home in China.
Upon a return to town, Afon found out that his mother and sister had left and thought it for the best. Afon later broke into his former home and grabbed a backpack, some clothes and other items and then left his boyhood home forever. Figuring out his powers over the months, Afon kept moving and found solace and focus in thoughts of vengeance and began tracking the assassin.
The assassin, who by then went by the name of Rya Kana, found Afon first in a run down Russian dive bar. Afon was 19 at the time, and when the assassin entered, both were-leopards recognized each others' scents almost instantly.
Afon bristled with anger and Rya actually complimented the boy on being able to control his transformation in a short period of time. The pair actually ended up having a few drinks together as they sized each other up and Rya did most of the talking. The assassination, of course, wasn't personal, and Rya went on to convince the boy that killing him would solve nothing. Instead, he helped Afon further hone his abilities, and taught him a few new ones.
By the time Afon was 20, he and Rya had worked quite a few assassinations together, and the younger lycan proved to be quite adept at the art of killing. Both Rya and Afon enjoyed the rush of the hunt, especially.
It was around this time that Rya finally offered Afon his revenge and led the younger man to the organization that put out the hit on his family. Rya only helped him locate the people. It was Afon who carried out each hit on his own.
When it was all done, Afon was 21, and he had decided it was time to move on. The rage for the man who had become a sort of twisted father figure to Afon had subsided in the young lycan, so the two parted ways amicably.
Afon moved on to St. Petersburg, where he had his first experience with a pard. Things did not start off well between the rogue and the group, but he eventually became part of their family, and learned much more from the other were-leopards, many of whom had come from all around the world for one reason or another.
It was in the pard that Afon honed and improved his fighting and assassination skills. Afon continued taking assassination jobs; some were for the pard, most were for outside organizations aware of Afon and his skills. However, after around 8 years with this adopted family, things changed. With the arrival of Zarya, the two were brought together, and events then transpired that brought the now mated couple all the way to Seattle to become part of the pard there.