Adrian was born in a tiny Shepherd 's cottage in the Shadow of the Langdale Pikes in the county of Cumbria in England�s Lake district. His father was a shepherd for the local Squire .He took to art at an early age sketching the beautiful surrounding hills and the nearby Grasmere Lake home of the poet Wordsworth of Daffodill fame. As he grew older the Squire recognising his natural talent sponsored him to an art school in Carlisle and later to University at Oxford where his talents flourished Where he obtained a BA and Later an MA .Student travels to the continent lead to his falling in love with the French impressionists who became a big influence on his style. Love affairs in the Bohemia of Paris gave him his appreciation of the feminine form and numerous nudes painted in his twenties now command high prices on the world market . He returned to England and took up residence among the Newlyn school in Cornwall where he honed his impressionist landscape skills .He became a member of the Royal Academy and several of his paintings are in the Tate Gallery permanent collection. He became a consultant to several major Auction houses Notably Christies and Sotheby�s where his expertise was recognised in assessing values and authenticating Art up for auction. He has never married but has been associated with many famous figures in the Art and theatrical world including The late Rita Hayworth and a torrid affair with the actress Helen Mirren. He has had a string of students that he has mentored and bedded always particular to pick those with talent and beauty. Today he resides in a country house in Surrey England where his art appreciation weekends are a sought after invitation by those of a free and bohemian bent . He travels extensively as an art consultant and appraiser .His art column in "Country life " has been running for almost 20 years and he is acknowledged as the greatest world expert on French impressionists.