And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil...So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword...

Every culture has a first man myth. But what if that spark of creation became both a blessing and a curse?

Adam Konstantine can't die. Or, more accurately, in the 8000+ years of his existence, he has died many, many times...and awakened fully formed, fully cognizant, in lives that have accumulated in his fractured memory like mosaic pieces: colorful, and brittle. He barely remembers his childhood...because he's only had one. But he's had thousands of lives, from the beginning of humankind...and likely to the end of it too.

He doesn't remember these lives perfectly, but the traces come in dream and nightmare, and through his odd ability to analyze and engineer...people or things. He began to keep tally of every awakening, first through scratches on stone and wood and metal plates, then on parchment and vellum and paper. Now he gathers what information he can on himself, stored in digital files, in the hopes that with each new rebirth he will take these details with him and piece together the mystery of himself.

Beneath the water that's falling from my eyes
Lays a soul I've left behind
The edge of sorrow was reached but now I'm fine
I've filled the hole I had inside
I've erased the past again

Last Life: He was an FBI Agent as a criminal profiler and worked primarily on serial killer, child abduction, and cult/paramilitary cases. Some of his assignments constituted joint tasks with various police forces. He became close friends with Special Agent Seth Schaefer during a missing child case in Virginia. Adam chose to tell Seth about his lives, showing him the fragmented proof he'd collected over centuries that he had long since arranged to be held in storage. Though his memories are mostly wiped with each death and rebirth, enough has remained over time that some details carry over, life to life. Seth believed him. In the course of their investigation, however, the leader of the child abduction ring that they were investigating shot and killed Agent Schaefer. Devastated and vengeful, Adam sought to murder the man rather than arrest him. In the course of a foot-chase in downtown Baltimore, Adam fell into Eden (see below). Before Eden he worked in this world for 5 years.

"Eden": Not 'the garden of', but Adam found himself, along with Amanda Weber, somehow awakened in a post-apocalyptic world. A trick of time or a deliberate interference in the stream of his lives? He doesn't know, but he died in Eden and awakened in Amanda's New York City. New apartment, new Bureau office...but still Agent Konstantine, with his love of sci fi flicks and sweet things to eat. He still remembers his last life...for the first time. What is the reason for his being a part of this unfamiliar supernatural world? Maybe because he has always felt less, or more, than human.

Current Life (SOI New York): After awakening here, November 3, 2008, Adam has spent his time acclimating to the strange city and stranger denizens. He still remembers his past life in full detail (a first), but has no way of returning to it. He is still a Special Agent for the FBI (New York Office), but in this parallel world his previous life in DC does not precisely exist. His records show that he was transferred from the Virginia office, but all of his work there is unfamiliar to his current memories. Despite what he remembers, his life has begun again in SOI New York. Currently he is involved in a JTF with SHIELD to locate Victor Creed, as well as working with the NYPD, through Det. John Amsterdam.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel green
Hair Color: Brown
Identifying Marks: None
Apparent Age: late 20s
SOI Living Address: #adam612
Inspiration: Christian Bale (with permission from Zack Parenti)