Born and raised in Las Vegas, Aaron was usually a loner.
He picked his share of fights, and won some hard earned respects on the city streets.
But there was nothing this rough life could do to prepare him for his next fight.

A hardass nicknamed "Peddler" had heard of Aaron, and decided a face to face was needed.
Aaron accepted, figuring it was just another thug letting him know he was in town so he didn't get punked off the streets.
Sadly this was not the case.
Some how the meeting went terribly wrong.
His eyes couldn't lock on Peddler even after he'd pulled his gun.
The last thing he remembered was laying on the floor with a gray fog eating over his vision.

When he woke up, he was in some basement with bars for a door, amazingly alive.
The only scar he'd saved from the event was some moon shaped scar on the inside of his left forearm.
Eventually, he had a visitor... Peddler.
A whole new world introduced to him.
He was now a lycanthrope, of the leopard persuassion.
Peddler was his Alpha, or Nimir-Raj.
It wasn't that hard to swallow, seeing as he hardly fit into society in the first place.
Just a wounded pride that he'd been beat.

Years passed on, same shit, different day.
Peddler was hardly a fair Alpha.
And though Aaron was questionable himself, he detested some of the things asked of him and the pard.
But he kept his head down, continuing to perfect his growing skill and power.
Finally, on his 25th birthday, they had a lil romp out at Red Rock, and Aaron stepped up to the plate.
Years of holding his fellows to comfort them.
Years of being the shoulders to carry this pard on.
He'd finally had enough.

Rumors still come across now and then about what happened on the mountain.
Outlandish tales that he'd ripped the old Nimir-Raj in pieces.
Hung the body parts on some isolated tree for the scavengers of the land.
The truth of the event has faded.

Time spent in Vegas had landed him in a very nice Real Estate Job.
A woman he loved, a pard that was trully family, what more could he ask for?
Alot apparently
After an impossible pregnancy, his would be mate damn near disembowling herself, and a drop down kick out fight...
He's left.

He doesn't want to be Raj.
He's been all he could for the Skin Flayer Clan
But its not enough. And he rather they find what is enough then to stand in their way.

His independent contract with his real estate firm has informed him he's to be sent across seas to Italy.
Venice to be exact.
A country where his kind are hunted down and killed
In a way its refreshing.
Without a second thought he's packed his things and left

Life can offer nothing but new beginnings sometimes.

But then it turns on you.
Rips you to pieces and sends you back to where you started.
The contract fell through and he found himself in New York for a short time.
But being in the states just made him want to return home.
And home he's gone.
Last he heard, he was KoS
But he's willing to take the risk.

After all... in the end, that's all you have.

Like most infections shifters, Aaron is tied to the moon.

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