Life at home

This is me; aren't I cute (not). I'm an only daughter and I have my own PC. My parents are understanding and give me a lot of freedom, but they do worry too much about me as they don't want me to turn out bad.

I left school in July 97, and nobody at school or home knows I am here, which is just as well as I'm a bit naughty on the NET at times giggle , but thats what the NET is for, to experiment in safety. So, I wont say too much about where I live other than I'm in the South of England and we moved here from West London four years ago. There is not so much to do here as in London, but the air is so much fresher and I have a much larger bedroom which is where my computer is.

Well, do ya Wannabe my lover, as that is the midi sound playing on this page!

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