I have a Gateway multimedia computer that has Windows 95; my Dad used to use it but he was given a portable from work so the Gateway is now mine hurray!. I now have a new wave table sound card and these MIDIs sound great on it. We still share the internet id though L so having a mail box here lets me send and receive private email.

I am not a computer expert, but I am learning quick. You will see me chatting with colours and when I have learnt a new trick, I'll be sure to use it to show off, so please excuse me.

I use Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 because its free and it seems to do more than Netscape like moving words. If you are using Explorer, the words on the next two lines move in different ways:
Round and round
Backwards and forwards

Java is the latest language I like, you can write messages that change colour by themselves, and its not too hard if you copy and change what someone else has done, but Seph has stopped us using Java as some idiots have spoilt it for everyone.

Also I can change the title line on your screen in any of the chat rooms to what I like using Explorer, so you might see "ZoŽ's Taken over!" sometimes.

Isn't this funJ.

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