About Me

I don't have a picture of myself here because I have not got a scanner and I do not have my voice here because although my sound card came with a microphone, I don't know how to use it. So you will have to make do with this description: I am 5' 6" tall, have longish fairly straight dark brown hair, a bit like Shannon in Neighbours and brown eyes. I am a size 10, and around 8 stone (112 lbs for the Americans here).

I think I am fairly easy going, happy at home, enjoy my friends, clubbing and going to see films. I like SciFi films (Jurassic Park - Lost World, The Fifth Element, Batman ...(with Cat Woman), Star Wars Trilogy, Independence Day, Blade Runner, Judge Dredd and Star Trek films); Adventure films (The Rock, Indiana Jones and James Bond both new and old); and children's films (Matilda, Toy Story, Hook, Tom and Jerry, Indian in the Cupboard etc). I can't wait to see the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies and also the Spice Girls film too. The worst film I've ever seen was Casino; my favourite films are Jurassic Park - Lost World and Toy Story.

Boyfriends are not lasting very long at the moment, but that suits me; when they go they are all sadder about it than me. One guy recently called me a stuck-up conceited bitch....and he got the hardest slap I've ever given anyone; he was a loser. I have no plans on getting involved in any serious relationships yet and so I'm just having fun now with whoever I like.

Boys, don't look too closely at the picture of me (with my wig on)!
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