With luck, and good management from my local computer expert (to whom I am married), this web page will tell you a little about me, and the books and stories currently available. I'll try to keep the site updated.

Books first: THE COUNTERFEIT HEINLEIN, a Knave adventure, will be published by Wildside Press in January 2001 -- the book will be available in some bookstores (by order from any bookstore, I should think), at amazon.com, and through Wildside's catalogue, which you can find at their web page, www.wildsidepress.com. ALIENIST, its more-or-less sequel, comes out from Wildside in February, and TWO, a third Knave adventure, somewhat thereafter. Legal difficulties are being slowly unraveled so that Wildside can bring earlier Knave books, and other work of mine, back into print -- watch this space.

Stories: VIBES, involving Knave and rather a different sort of alien race, will be in ANALOG for January 2001. THE STAR IN THE EAST (not a Christmas story) will turn up there a few months later. Both of these involve Knave, but the one after that, I hope, is a little different.

Me: I'm currently living, with my wife, at the house of some friends in California. I don't travel much -- health reasons, mostly, and then there's the fact that I don't like traveling much -- but have been bouncing round the world these last few years. (I'm 67, BTW. Might as well get that in. There may be a photo of me on this page -- and there may not, it depends on my computer expert's savvy and luck -- but for the record I'm 5' 10", weigh too little, and have one eye.) I was born in New York City, and lived there most of my life, but I managed at last to get to Sydney, NSW, Oz, the jewel of cities, in 1996, and stayed there until those damn health reasons drove me back to the US. I've been writing for ANALOG since 1958 or so (it was then ASTOUNDING), and that seems to have become a fixed habit. I've also appeared in OMNI and elsewhere, and have (at one time or another) written a dizzying variety of stuff, under a lot of evanescent pen names, and four books in collaboration with Randall Garrett -- one (a bad job because the editor insisted we follow his plot) under our own names, and three, BRAIN TWISTER, THE IMPOSSIBLES and SUPERMIND) under the joint name of Mark Phillips (my middle name and Randall's). These three, the adventures of FBI agent Kenneth J. Malone among psi talents, will -- with luck -- be reissued by Wildside. I had as much fun doing these as I have doing Knave stories, and Randall had a carnival too -- he died some years back, damn it, and he is much missed.

I'm married, have three children -- one male (Seth), two female (Mary Elizabeth, and Kathleen) -- all now pretty well grown up, and one grandchild (Kathleen's son Kyle). I listen to music, from Bach to Nine Inch Nails, and used to play pretty fair keyboard till those health reasons started to crop up. My wife listens as catholically, plays a little keyboard, and has been professionally recorded as a timpanist with the Hobart Symphony. She is a lovely gal, not much like Mirella Puffer (ALIENIST), though she, too, has mastered the odd art of being "both kind and realistic" always, a trick I wish I could learn. She dislikes to see her name in print, so it isn't here.

I read a lot and type stories a lot, and (with the addition of coffee, cigarettes and a little food here and there) it's a full life.

I try to answer fan letters, too.