The Basement over at Bianca's has wonderful memories for quite a few people here.
I like to keep this page in a safe place for it is where many of us began our journey.
If you would like to take a little walk down memory lane,
Click on the Yellow Brick Road
"God...grant me the serenity to understand the HTML commands
...the courage to use them wisely and the wisdom to close my commands"
    In my observations.. of submission, I became aware. Not only aware of the physical and mental nuances of that living breathing thing called submission, but aware of everything around me. Aware of each person who touched and continues to touch my life. My studies actually took me from a merely sexual plane to a spiritual vista. As if I opened a door and there before me stood all of eternity. I have to admit I've had times..many of them, when I wanted to slam that door shut and pile dressers and tables against it. To go and sit in a corner and pretend I didn't see anything, but my curiosity keeps getting the better of me and I find myself getting up to take another peek. 

    Hopefully this page will reflect to you what I see as me. Oh the extraneous details may change, but the foundation remains the same. Eclectic.... a blending of Esoteric and the Mundane, Serious and Flipant. A continuation, growth, despair, discovery, setbacks, all a part of life all a part of 'The Journey'.

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