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Since young, I was attracted to amateur radio, mainly infected by ON4GL and ON4UN. I obtained the private radiotelegraphist license in 1964 and applied for the call sign ON5UN in respect to ON4UN, Johan who greatly inspired me to this fascinating hobby.

Since many years, I am a member of the O.V.R.C. the oldest Radio Club in Belgium ( founded in 1926). I learned to know some great Ham's there, who were a lighting example for me, learning me the real meaning of "Ham spirit". ON4DY, ON5AN, ON4HX, ONL Hubert are a few of these great and special Ham's who deserve the highest respect and are the personalization of Ham spirit. I had the pleasure and honor to serve as president of the OVRC for about 10 years. In this period we could achieve to buy our own premises.



Lately, due to lack of free time and being daily professionally involved  in high frequency ( linear electron accelerators) and radio communications, the ham radio hobby as been extremely limited, but in my heart there is still a big place for ham radio and  I have wonderful rememberings of my more active times.

Recently I decided to reduce my equipment, which was used during many successful field days, contests and DX-expeditions, but which I do not have need for now.

On pages Hamradio 1 and Hamradio2 you can find the contents of my "garage sales"..